About the Facilities

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We are located behind Evergreen Sports, just four miles past the Littleton Shaws, in Lisbon, NH.



In the fall of 2010 BGCNC purchased our current facility.  This allowed us to expand from  4,800 square feet to 18,000 square feet. Ownership of our building was made possible through the generosity and significant support of community.  The new facility has allowed us to expand our programs and to provide a community meeting ground for the North Country residents.

RAC Room, is a place where members earn the privileges to go to play games like Wii, use the internet or just relax with staff members.  Everything in the RAC Room has been kindly donated to BGCNC by Rent-A-Center in Littleton.

The Club’s basketball court is used daily for a variety of games like dodgeball, basketball and parachute games! A wonderful space for the youngsters to run around during those cold and wet months!